The Senticore Methodology: Capabilities-Based Planning for Every Project

You know you have a business challenge. You can describe the symptoms of this problem but may not necessarily be able to identify and prove why it’s happening and what specifically is causing it. Nor do you necessarily know what should be done to solve the problem.


Senticore is proud to stand on the shoulders of the giants. Our methodology is founded in the “Capabilities-based planning” framework that originated in the 1970s at NASA.


We work closely with your team to identify the real reasons for your challenges. Then, we develop a plan so the solution is designed properly, priced accurately, and built to deliver practical and sustainable results.

Here is our blueprint for a successful project:

     1. Root Cause Analysis
     2. Defining the ideal solution
     3. Capabilities and features
     4. System architecture and technologies
     5. Project planning and probability of success
     6. Project economics and day after delivery

Senticore’s methodology protects your investment in many ways, including:

Validated Requirements

We will identify and validate your business requirements, and describe well-defined use cases, so everyone is on the same page at all times.

Comprehensive Documentation

We love formal definitions and building a logic tree–basically documenting and outlining everything–so there are no surprises to anyone involved.

Accurate Estimates

With our Capabilities-based planning approach, we are able to account for all components of your project and provide you with the most accurate pricing and time estimates.

Minimized Risks

Project risks are coming from uncertainty. In turn, uncertainty is coming either from outcomes that cannot be predicted or missing information or team expertise. We will identify risks and develop appropriate mitigation strategies.

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