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Project economics, execution and beyond

We started the conversation about Senticore Methodology by first highlighting importance of constantly assessing project risks and probability of success.

We passed through the root cause analysis, then we defined the ideal solution, identified the first lowest-hanging fruit, enumerated capabilities and features, selected the right technologies and designed the system architecture. We most probably did a PoC and reassessed everything above.

Time has come to build a full project schedule, with deliverables, milestones and budgets clearly identified. This includes team onboarding, first main phase of development, first production deployment and subsequent development and maintenance. Software is indeed eating the world, software is a living creature. It demands updates, both in terms of the new features to avoid losing relevance, and simply to avoid becoming dangerous if it is not continuously patched for security vulnerabilities.

Senticore has extensive experience in the software-intensive project management. We know how to plan the schedule and calculate the resources required to execute a project successfully. We know how to move on from the first low-hanging fruit to the next one, delivering value continuously, while staying on time and on budget.

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