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Defining the ideal solution

Once we know the true root cause of the problem, we are quite often able to identify the ideal solution almost immediately. This solution should not be too detailed, but it should be sufficiently clear in terms of business environment and/or company operations.

The only problem with the ideal solution is that its full implementation may be a few years away. In our dynamic times no one is going to wait that long to get value from the project. That means the project must be envisioned iteratively from the beginning. 

“Agile” commands us to define the first, most critical step. Low hanging fruit providing most value for money comes first. For each low hanging fruit a proof of concept concept comes first. Once this is all done and the customer enjoys the value, the next low hanging fruit comes to the fore, hinging on success of the first project.

We always do that “first”, while continuously keeping the bigger “perfect” picture in mind. 

This ability to both identify the ideal solution and stay practical and nimble at the same time is a critical advantage Senticore brings to the table.

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