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How important is understanding of DMS, when working with OBD? We think it is absolutely critical! Few years ago, one of the largest Global suppliers of technology and services to automotive industry came out with truly advanced remote diagnostics system, available in several form-factors to cover wide range of applications, from new cars to aftermarket …

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Little tips on 3DX performance tuning

Investigating performance problems is never a celebration. Components, installations, virtual machines or real boxes, configuration parameters and security are stacked together – with users painful moaning creating additional pressure. Have you ever experienced 3DX users complaining system is getting slow? Here are some basic ideas to jump-start your investigation: – F12 in the browser may …

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A day in the history of evolution

Day hardly passes without yet another news or article on advances of AI and related fields. We got BigDog and Atlas walking and demonstrating coordination of limbs and responsiveness till now restricted only for heavily hardware-optimised bio-creatures – us and our animal friends and neighbors. Berkeley Caffe and, even more relevant, Theano allow almost anyone to build their own deep learning environment, while major corporations like …

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MariaDB ColumnStore performance optimization exercise

We are dealing with both relational and NoSQL databases and we are often involved in advising our customers on choosing better product for their unique circumstances. One of our favorites, MariaDB ColumnStore has number of immediate advantages for utilization in BI systems: Transaction support Powerful MySQL API Analytical functions Open Source For companies already using MySQL it may offer additional benefit of …

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Overcoming Cassandra write performance problems

Cassandra became a household name for the projects involving processing massive amounts of data in NoSQL environment. Cassandra, while shining at supporting the biggest distributed clusters installations, “this comes at the price of high write and read latencies.” In a recent scenario faced by our customer, Cassandra latencies were increasing dramatically during peak hours and clients started receiving …

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