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iBASEt is a provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality and Sustainment (MRO) software solutions that are purpose-built for manufacturers producing complex, highly engineered, and deeply regulated products, for example in aerospace and defense.

Senticore supports iBASEt MES deployments with its infrastructure, cloud and DevSecOps domain expertise.



Kubotek Kosmos is an established brand in the field of engineering design and collaboration, providing tools to modern engineering and manufacturing enterprises to compare and validate the model-based design when it moves between companies, and between applications.

Senticore expertise in Product Lifecycle Management systems, Enterprise Service Bus and DevSecOps complements Kubotek Kosmos product offering, helping both companies’ customers innovation drive.



MariaDB pluggable, purpose-built storage engines support use cases that previously required a variety of specialized databases.

Organizations can now depend on a single complete database framework for all their needs, whether on-premise or in the cloud. MariaDB provides exceptional operational agility without sacrificing key enterprise features, including real ACID compliance and full SQL.

We are honored to be a MariaDB Corp. partner and bring the next generation of open-source database software to our customers.



All modern software is up to 90% open-source. Companies and governments have benefited from the “free” model for years. The overdue bill comes in the shape of potential licensing violations and security vulnerabilities.

Threatrix helps to handle all these threats by creating and enforcing automated risk mitigation and compliance for the organization’s entire open-source supply chain.

As a Threatrix partner, Senticore uses their tools to bring our customers’ DevSecOps to the next level.