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Capabilities and Features

Here we are coming down from the ideal solution 30000 feet point of view to a much more practical Capabilities and Features discussion.

At this stage, we work on identifying the capabilities necessary for the ideal solution while eliminating contradictions. For example, a situation awareness capability for the management begets a dashboard and analytical processing requirements.

Deploying these Capabilities and Features into a graph creates a solid and common-sensual mind map, while eliminating contradictions. From the toolset perspective, we like employing SysML and SysML-supporting products, because they provide a lot of convenience in terms of tracking and simulations. Incidentally, such tools became mandatory for the DoD ecosystem and beyond – for precisely the same reasons.

It is quite important to note that at that stage we completely avoid mentioning any particular technology, component or framework. This helps to prevent an early “bias trap”. Only when we have built the non-contradictory Capabilities and Features graph and/or documentation we can move forward to specific technologies we would like to use for implementing such a graph.

It is also important to remind once again about our adherence to Agile: we remember about “ideal” solution, we discuss most critical project-level capabilities and features to identify the risks, while we focus on Capabilities and Features for the lowest hanging fruit.

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