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Providing consulting and software development 

to startups and large enterprises 

for the connected universe

Why choose Senticore? Because we go above and beyond!

From machine learning, to computer vision, to natural language processing (NLP), to forecasting and optimization, our technology services are build to support your diverse environments and scale to meet changing business needs.

Software development

With over 30 years of combined experience in developing enterprise applications, be it engineering, logistics or process optimization, we can take on a project of any complexity. We use Agile methodologies to speed up the development and improve quality.


We enjoy supporting our customers, providing them with expert advice and consulting. Fast and effective response, thorough understanding of the subject and the particular customer circumstances and detailed explanations combine into our trademark excellence.


Sometimes our customers need to appraise certain technology and/or concept, brainstorm and then fast-prototype it, and do it all without over-extending their own people and business processes. We are very fast and efficient in assembling an appropriate team of experts, making research and developing a demo version.

Our Services

IoT, Telematics & Sensors



Figuring out the right combination of sensors, connectivity, overall architecture? Protocols, security, Gateways, Device Life-beat Database, Data Aggregation, Data Distribution? Automotive, industrial or residential? We can help you to choose correct hardware, set up the system properly and safely accept massive loads of data – and beyond.
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Computer Vision

Computer Vision associated topics involve both “smart” algorithms and bread and butter extensive tracing, testing under variety of lighting conditions. Are we dealing with lower quality video-feed or higher-quality individual frames? Is the data compressed, causing the algorithms to stumble? How to select the right cameras in the high-temperature or contaminated environment? We know the landmines and ways around them. And go above and beyond.

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Integrations and Migrations




Connecting different systems via API or ETL process, on-premises to the cloud, using orchestration engine, synchronous or asynchronous. We’ve been there, we know the problems, methods and latest technologies to address real life situations.

PLM Services

We can assist engineering and manufacturing enterprises with their requirements analysis, technology review, selection, and acquisition. Our usual focus is on Dassault Systemes PLM/CAD products, integrations with 3rd party systems like ERP and MES, resolving security and performance issues.
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Blockchain Solutions



Breaking through the hype to the technologies you may actually use in the context of your projects. The case for HyperLedger is different from one where Ethereum-based network would serve better. We can both help to select the right foundation and implement all necessary add-ons on top of it, integrate with external system – and beyond.


Choosing the right database system or need to support existing setup? Or need to enhance and scale out? Managed services or assistance with database-related development? We live in the world of databases, we know high-load, VLDBs, replication – and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence



Are we involved into AI? Yes, we are. Not yet building robots like the Boston Dynamics folks, but down to earth stuff like Natural Language Processing, search optimization, neural networks for Computer Vision applications and advanced statistical methods for Big Data processing – and a little bit beyond.

Customers & Partners

Senticore understand databases very well in general, and has a wide network of connections to various technology experts, particularly in Israel. Senticore has a very good working relationship with IBM and would recommend them.

Dr. Andreas Zekl

IBM Germany

We collaborated with Senticore for many years, including participating in projects involving IBM research and development and consulting for strategic customers. Senticore is a database expert and knows a lot of people-both inside IBM expert community and beyond it, especially for databases and enterprise applications.

Jaffa Sztejnbok

IBM Israel

Senticore has been supporting Husqvarna for more than 10 years. They have been assisting Husqvarna in designing and implementing Multi-site systems and workflow for PDM-solutions. Senticore’s focus is on a distributed environment, performance and general database issues.

Niclas Bodin


Senticore Team

Alex Bruskun

Alex Bruskin

Founder & Managing Director

Sergey Babichev

Scientific Advisor
Baruch Lvovsky

Baruch Lvovsky

MariaDB, MongoDB Database Expert
Robert Yackobian

Robert Yackobian

Oracle, PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Rinat Ganeev

DevOps Manager

Evgeny Fritsler

Oracle and MySQL Database Expert

Jamilya Yumaguzhina

Project Manager

Zoya Pershitz

Marketing and Sales manager


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