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Our Operating Principles

They say software is eating the world. We say it can still be tamed. With years of experience dealing with the creature, Senticore can plan and execute projects from conception to reality.

It’s often easy to point a finger at what is wrong, but much more difficult to identify the root cause and create a vision for change.

Our methodology is founded in the “Capabilities-based planning” framework, closely aligning with project and domain-specific Agile methods.

We make sure that your software is designed properly, priced accurately, planned, built, delivered and deployed with the highest quality.

Here is our blueprint for a successful project:

  1. Project planning and Probability of success
  2. Root Cause Analysis
  3. Defining the ideal solution 
  4. Capabilities and features
  5. System architecture and technologies
  6. Project economics, execution and beyond

Let’s start with Project Planning and Probability of Success.