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Senticore develops innovative custom software solutions and provides consulting engineering services in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Photogrammetry, and Remote Sensing.

Image Processing Services

We are using deep convolutional networks based on Berkeley Caffe framework with supervised learning methodology for the offline stage for a number of classification problems:

Extensive experience with OpenCV implementation of various objects detection, classification and image segmentation tasks using classical machine vision algorithms: SVM and cascade classifiers, optical flow, non-parametric clustering, feature matching, and visual words techniques. 


Custom Software Development

We develop innovative computer vision software solutions. We employ Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing state of the art algorithms and techniques to optimaly solve the unique needs of our customers.

Custom Research Services

Senticore’s Engineering Research services combine core skills with a sharp focus on innovation to deliver comprehensive product engineering insights. Our services help plan, prepare and transform a product vision into successful real-world designs through engineering expertise and ecosystem partnerships.

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