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How important is understanding of DMS, when working with OBD? We think it is absolutely critical! Few years ago, one of the largest Global suppliers of technology and services to automotive industry came out with truly advanced remote diagnostics system, available in several form-factors to cover wide range of applications, from new cars to aftermarket sales. However, the system was offered as a white label hardware, assuming car manufacturers would write their own apps and integrate with DMS of their respective Franchised dealer networks. Result? Despite sincere interest from car manufacturers and their local distributors, the system did not find demand the way it was offered and seems to be no longer available. That solution had every hallmark of a winner and we think it can still gain significant share of the market, despite the time lost, if revived and offered as a turn-key solution. What integration of OBD data to DMS does? It allows creation of customer mobile apps that include functionality needed for OEM data as well as the dealer-specific requirements. Below is a link to the app that we have developed for one of our clients, which shows how such app can be designed. Feel free to request a password from me to get into dynamic prototypes.