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Digital twins in the world of clean dishes

Rephrasing the old joke: everyone wants to implement digital twins, but not everyone is ready to help mom to clean the dishes.

Jos Voskuil explains nicely on eBOM and mBOM – and there is a point in that explanation that eBOM and mBOM must have a common unique system of identification of the elements – some kind of part numbers.

But what about sensors? How can we integrate data coming from the real life dishwasher with a model, let’s say in CATIA. A CATIA engineer creates a “sensor” and then we want to update its properties from its (hopefully) twin. CATIA sensor entity may have a Part Number, but there is apparently no link with any IoT data.

My observation is we can extract from a real life sensor some kind of device ID – manufacturer-embedded device UID is the best outcome, IP address or driver-level semi-unique ID are the usual scenario. The problem is there is no link for either of these IDs to a part number in the engineering system, or at least I am not aware about such link.

Does it mean we need Wizard-like mapping system to manually connect these things for every single OEM?