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A day in the history of evolution

Day hardly passes without yet another news or article on advances of AI and related fields.

We got BigDog and Atlas walking and demonstrating coordination of limbs and responsiveness till now restricted only for heavily hardware-optimised bio-creatures – us and our animal friends and neighbors.

Berkeley Caffe and, even more relevant, Theano allow almost anyone to build their own deep learning environment, while major corporations like Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon all fielded cloud-based AI services, along with pre-configured data-models, data-sets etc (and the prices are going down).

Multiple attempts are around to 3D-printed artificial limbs. Google Glass is subsided by a similar idea of almost straight-into-the-brain information channels like Epson Moverio.

One may only wonder whether the future will resemble AccelerandoSnow Crash or Diamond Age.

It looks like evolution is taking one radical turn while we are fiddling. The difference is, that while once upon a time it required a catastrophe to completely reshape the environment and its inhabitants, now it looks like a (relatively) slow-motion process without much drama, and actually with a lot of conveniences coming in non-stop.

Some people are afraid of this process, like dinosaurs would be afraid of incoming mammals. But there are always people who are afraid.

We are personally planing to enjoy the ride, whatever it brings, because you cannot really stop the evolution. Just ask the dinosaurs.

Our dish of the day: automotive retail data collection/analytics with OBDII devices, document fraud detection with OpenCV and researching Microsoft Azure stack of machine learning.

Bon Appetite to everyone!