Working with PLM in the Cloud

Clouds are all the rage today, being a major efficiency frontier, their value proposition on reducing organizations’ IT footprint, reducing maintenance and allowing companies to concentrate on their core business.

PLM and generally speaking engineering/manufacturing systems have not escaped that trend, with many companies venturing into uncharted waters.

Going to the Cloud has substantial advantages, but also brings a lot of thorny details of technology, security and economy.

The Senticore team understands the specifics of the cloud journey. We know how to set up a secure and scalable environment on AWS, MS Azure or in a hybrid configuration – with the systems being split into on-premise and cloud-based segments. We know when to use basic infrastructure components like AWS EC2 or S3, and when it makes sense to go SaaS and invest into specialized engines like Azure Cognitive Services. And we know how to do DevSecOps in that environment too.

The USA government cloud provided by both AWS and MS Azure are special cases of the same cloud paradigm, serving public sector customers, including defense accounts. The dedicated Senticore team of US citizens is fully versed in supporting those kinds of projects.

Speak to us about your PLM & Cloud needs, we’ve got you covered up there.

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