IoT, Telematics & Sensors

Senticore offers a range of purpose built solution for modern IoT business needs.

Offering Modern IoT Business Solutions

  • Automotive Telematics
  • Industrial and Residential Sensor Data Collection
  • • Collecting data from modern and legacy sensors and devices
  • Smartphone-Based Data Processing and Analysis
  • • Collecting information from various phone-embedded sensors like GPS and acceleration
  • • Combining with phone camera video-feed analysis
  • Automotive Retail - loT Location
  • • Various RFID technologies, including Long Range RFID
  • Design of IoT Platforms and Lambda-Architecture Type Systems
  • • Receiving information from hundreds of thousands of sensors
  • • Built-in security, including defense against DDoS attacks
  • • MQTT/HTTPs protocols
  • • Nginx for load balancing
  • • SMS service for sensors configuration and authorization
  • • Spark and Hadoop for massive data processing
  • • MariaDB for sensors status/heartbeat database

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