Customized project and technology research services by leading Israeli Artificial Intelligence engineers to support your business goals.


Are you looking for advice and feedback on strategy and implementation? Our Artificial Intelligence engineers can help.


Is your team in need of an extended senior engineering group to help deliver your Artificial Intelligence-based solution? 


Senticore's senior Artificial Intelligence engineers can provide the support you need to ensure your solution performs reliably.


We are experts in OpenCV-based solutions
We provide scalable solutions on both mobile & desktop platforms under heavy use conditions in a critical environment.

Extensive experience with OpenCV implementation of various objects detection, classification and image segmentation tasks using classical machine vision algorithms: SVM and cascade classifiers, optical flow, non-parametric clustering, feature matching, and visual words techniques. We also provide OpenCV adaptations of the state-of-the-art deep learning neural-network and autoencoder based models, trained in Google Tensorflow and Caffe frameworks.


Machine Learning Service

Do you need support building, training, and deploying models from the cloud to the edge?

Are you ready for Machine Learning to open your business to a wide variety of new opportunities? You can personalize customer experience, automate your processes and realize solutions that will transform the way customers interact with your products and services.

Churn prediction

Customer retention has shifted into a key area of focus in numerous sectors, including retail, telecommunication, banking, and insurance.

Senticore's customer churn prediction solutions adds value to businesss heuristics andidentifies churn risk up to four times more efficient. Our customer churn prediction solutions combine Machine Learning, cutting-edge management process with powerful advanced predictive analytics tools.

Build your Artificial Intelligence Solution with Senticore

Artificial Intelligence engineers at Senticore build AI-powered solutions that will help you automate processes, workflows and realize new business value. They translate your ideas into practical products in an agile and extensible manner.

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