Fourth Industrial Revolution and Us

4IR is roaring, with every stone of a modern engineering/manufacturing enterprise being unturned. Digital thread is piercing every data silo and we at Senticore are lucky to be part of that truly monumental journey.

We work with PLM systems, which are being modernized or completely reinvented; we help integrating PLM with ERP and MES; we assist in collecting IoT data from the field and funnelling it for further use in design and maintenance; we work with AI and Big Data techniques for a wide variety of data sources, and we excel in improving those invisible, but so important databases performance and scalability; we have fully embraced MBSE paradigms, the concepts of DONE, Capabilities-based planning and root-cause analysis.

Cloud offers numerous advantages with regard to optimizing companies IT footprint and we are fully adept with deploying and maintaining PLM systems on the AWS, Azure and hybrid environment.

We are proud that some of our customers are coming from the USA defense community and we are looking forward to continuing supporting their critically important effort.

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